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Knitted gloves with nitrile coating rigid cuffs blue REKJER-8212

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Knitted gloves with nitrile coating rigid cuffs blue REKJER-8212
In stock
  • box
  • in the box: 360 pairs
  • packaging: 12 pairs
  • Foundation: cotton
  • coverage: nitrile
  • size: 10
  • weight gloves 123 g
  • nitrile cover: blue
  • lining color: white

essential qualities: nitrile durable and abrasion-resistant gloves with double coating. The Foundation consists of one hundred percent cotton, so that the hands in these gloves comfortable. Top glove coated in nitrile fill, which significantly strengthens the product, protects it from exposure to fluid and increases grip on things. Nitrile gloves at the time of operation is much higher, they even surpass leather gloves and canvas gloves, besides, to work in them much easier – the fingers remain flexible, and due to rigid cuffs, the gloves are not come with it, they do not penetrate the liquid and bulk materials. Nitrile coating with firmness will withstand exposure to oil, gasoline, turpentine, brake fluid, diesel fuel, varnishes and paints based on it.

Scope: gloves are used during construction work, woodworking, oil refining, metal, machines, maintenance of technical facilities. It is not recommended to use nitrile gloves for work with solvents containing chlorine and ketones.

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