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Working gloves latex yellow hard cuffs 4500

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Working gloves latex yellow hard cuffs 4500
In stock
  • plastic bag
  • bag: 120 pairs
  • packaging: 12 pairs
  • Foundation: cotton
  • coverage: embossed latex
  • size: 10
  • weight: 110 g
  • Foundation: off-white
  • coverage: light yellow

essential qualities: poboc cotton gloves coated with latex relief: durable and wear-resistant. The Foundation consists of one hundred percent cotton, so that the hands in these gloves comfortable. The area of the palm and fingers on both sides of the gloves drenched in thick embossed latex. This allows to avoid mechanical damages of the hands during work and provides the guaranteed protection when working with glass in terms of average weight. Latex - a material with an excellent grip, so gloves with latex coating provide a secure dry grip slippery items and elastic. Cuff safe, wide, if necessary, gloves can be reset easily with it. Gloves mechanically strong, resistant to tears and punctures, is durable and reliable.

Scope:  gloves are generally used when work related to slippery and smooth surfaces with sharp edges. Also, these gloves are suitable for any agricultural, mechanical Assembly and other works.

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