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Synthetic gloves Deluxe grey/white DKG 4525

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Synthetic gloves Deluxe grey/white DKG 4525
In stock
  • cardboard box
  • in the box: 120 pairs
  • packaging: 10 pairs
  • Foundation: nylon
  • spill: nitrile
  • Size: 10
  • Weight: 55 g
  • Foundation: white
  • spill: gray

essential qualities: knitted base, 100% nylon with a thin layer of nitrile in the palm, not full pouring from the open rear portion. The absence of seams and knitted based, hands these gloves comfortable – skin avoids irritation and chafing. Cuffs are made in the form of a binding thread of contrasting color. In General, gloves have elasticity, thanks to salonnym components, and resistance due to the nitrile. A thin fill layer allows you to maintain high tactile sensitivity and finger flexibility. Gloves protect the hands against mechanical damage and have a secure grip on slippery objects. Nitrile coating provides oil and petrol resistant and resistant to wear.

Scope: gloves are used during Assembly operations, agricultural work, in mechanics, in any work with smooth objects having the moving surface.

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