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Synthetic gloves orange
In stock
  • plastic bag
  • bag: 600/960 pairs
  • packaging: 12 pairs
  • Foundation: nylon
  • spill: latex
  • size: 9
  • weight: 24 g
  • Foundation: white
  • spill: blue, orange

article 69457 blue

article 69076 orange 


essential qualities: provide excellent protection for the hands from mechanical damage. The base of the gloves linked circular viscous, has no seams, is made from 100% nylon filament. This fiber does not irritate the skin, allows the skin to breathe leaves no residue and lint cloth. The surface of the fingers and palm of the glove is covered with a thin layer of durable latex, which increases product durability, and at the same time maintains the high sensitivity of the fingers. This makes gloves with latex coating are indispensable for the execution of works, where necessary and at the same time protection and sensitivity. Latex also increases the grip and allows you to make dry grip oiled items. Due to the fact that the outer part of the palm is not filled with latex, nylon can pass air, and ensures its circulation inside the glove, and the product itself is elastic and holds its shape. The gloves are easy to clean from contamination by the washing machine at +40 C.

Scope: this type of gloves is used for warehouse, agricultural, Assembly works, service station, mechanical, construction work. Activities involving contact with the tool, with the oiled parts, slippery and smooth surfaces also allow the use of nylon gloves with latex coating.

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