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Blue knitted gloves with PVC dot two-sided 7117/2

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Blue knitted gloves with PVC dot two-sided 7117/2
In stock
  • bag
  • bag: 200 pairs
  • packaging: 10 pair
  • polyester - 60% cotton - 40%
  • knit class: 10 class 3 threads
  • size: 10
  • color of the yarn: blue
  • PVC colour: red
  • PVC coating * Point * of picture "seven" PVC on two sides
  • weight pair: 60g

essential qualities: gloves this model is very comfortable to use. Circular knit allows the fingers to move freely in the glove, performing even the most delicate work. A special polymer coating (PVC), protects the product from abrasion, and enhances grip and prevents slipping of hands on the smooth parts. Despite the density and strength of the PVC coating, these gloves have free air circulation and excellent "breathe".

Scope: gloves are ideal for performing precision work-related use of valves, parts with sharp corners and slippery surface. In these gloves much easier to capture the unusual shaped items that are so often found in the workplace.

Technological properties: gloves knitted from PVC, due to its density, suitable for the cold season, they have high wear resistance, prevent pollution and damage to the hands.

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