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Gloves black heavy-duty 71029

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Gloves black heavy-duty 71029
In stock
  • polybag
  • bag: 250 pairs
  • packaging: 10 pair
  • polyester – 60% cotton - 40%
  • knit class: – grade 7, 5 strands
  • size 10
  • color of the yarn: black
  • color of PVC: blue
  • PVC coating *Textured pattern* + reads *seVen*
  • weight pair: 80 g

essential qualities: is Very durable glove for heavy duty work. Designed for heavy use, knitted by special technology special two-layer viscous when the internal adjacent to the skin layer is hygroscopic mixed cotton yarn in 2 strands, and the outer wear-resistant working layer fit 4 durable polyester fibers. Original PVC figure in the form of the tread increases grip on slippery objects and adds to the durability of the gloves. Woven elastic cuff with latex thread. The end of the cuff are processed manually on the serger insert latex ring for a tight fit of the product on your wrist.

Scope: are Recommended for wide range of jobs with high demands on wear resistance of gloves for construction, material handling and mechanical works, repair of equipment, installation and agriculture work. Provide protection of hands against contamination and mechanical damage.

Technological properties: gloves due to its density, suitable for the cold season, they have high wear resistance, prevent pollution and damage to the hands.

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