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White knitted gloves with PVC "Wave"

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White knitted gloves with PVC "Wave"
In stock
  • polybag
  • bag: 300 pairs
  • packaging: 10 pair
  • Polyester - 30%, cotton - 70%
  • knit class: – 10 class, 3 threads
  • size 10
  • color of the yarn: white/milk
  • color of PVC: black
  • PVC coating *Wave*
  • weight pair: 64 g

essential qualities: protective work gloves "Wave" composed: Polyester - 30%, cotton - 70% and have a wave-like PVC coating on the palm. Because of this, the gloves have high abrasion resistance and durability and provide excellent traction on slippery surfaces. Soft texture does not hinder movement of the hands, which contributes to the ease of use of gloves. Despite the density and strength of the PVC coating, these gloves have free air circulation and excellent "breathe".

Scope: use gloves "Wave" is recommended in dry conditions when loading and unloading, packing and light Assembly work. In the automotive, textile and light industry, the warehousing and logistics without these gloves just won't do. They can also be used in working with polymers.

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