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Women's gloves green flower 620

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Women's gloves green flower 620
In stock
  • polybag
  • bag: 100 pairs
  • packaging: 10 pairs
  • polyester – 70% cotton - 30%
  • knit class: class 10, 2 thread
  • size: 9
  • color of the yarn: white
  • color of PVC: green
  • PVC coating *Point* textured pattern
  • weight pair: 43 g

essential qualities: Gloves are made up of 70% polyester, so they are very elastic. This contributes to the convenience and operate: they perfectly fit the hand and look quite aesthetically pleasing. On the Palmar part of the gloves have a coating of PVC with a textured pattern, this strengthens them and is protective. Overcast the top edge of the glove overlock increases the durability of the gloves and cuffs made in the form of elastic promotes excellent fixation on her hand.

Scope: gloves are ideal for people with small palm size when performing s/s, garden works, and also to work with the polymers for easy installation of packing. Can be used in warehousing, the auto mechanic and light industry.

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