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Knitted gloves without PVC dots double heat-resistant

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Knitted gloves without PVC dots double heat-resistant
In stock
  • polybag
  • bag: 200 par
  • packaging: 10 pairs
  • cotton 100%
  • class outer mating part: 7 class 3 thread
  • class binding inner part: class 10, 2 thread
  • size: 10
  • weight: 72g
  • color: white

essential qualities: Gloves have a high comfort of use, it protects hands from contamination. The circular knit and the thickness of the weave 2 yarn increases the abrasion resistance of gloves, a knitting density of 7 class allows you to use them to protect from damage during rough work. Cuff bound "rubber band", the upper edge of which overlock that provides a secure fit gloves on the wrist and greatly increases the life of the product. Gloves heat-resistant, resistant to abrasion, does not irritate skin, good air flow.

Scope: Carrying out loading and unloading operations, carrying out various works in the warehousing and logistics. Work in the food industry.

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