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CU gloves red lined

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CU gloves red lined
In stock
  • in the box: par 72
  • packaging: 12 pairs
  • split leather calfskin of the highest quality
  • lining: fleece
  • size: 10
  • Weight: 268 g
  • split leather: red
  • fleece gray

essential qualities: calf split leather of the highest quality with lining. Seams gloves reinforced leather panels. The most common means of protecting hands from dirt, mechanical damage and high temperatures. Split leather gloves consist of high quality and thick fabric, have wide cuffs that allow you to quickly reset them by hand. The structure allows gloves to protect hands while providing them comfort. Gloves, with its relatively low cost, provide maximum protection from mechanical damage, industrial pollution, exposure to high temperatures. They are indispensable in the industry, as able to protect from splashes of hot metal and sparks during welding.

Scope: gloves recommended builders, industrial workers, mechanics; for use in trade, agriculture and at home, in the work of cleaning and other activities where the hands have a big load.

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