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Gloves, canvas

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Gloves, canvas
In stock
  • In a mesh: 100 pairs
  • packaging: 20 pairs
  • fireproof tarpaulin
  • density: 420 g/m2
  • Size: 10
  • Weight: 97 g

essential qualities: made of high quality tarpaulin with refractory impregnated for 5 thread sergers. These gloves are in great demand among the models of canvas gloves. Reinforcement in the palm area double layer of fabric makes them more durable and resistant to abrasion. Great for rough construction works that do not require high sensitivity of the fingers.

Canvas gloves have the following properties:

  • significant level of protection from sparks and splashes of molten metal (fire resistance: from 35 to 50 seconds OP);
  • good protection against contact with hot surfaces and thermal radiation;
  • increased density of from 400 to 520 g/m2;
  • excellent abrasion resistance;
  • high resistance to tear and abrasion.


Scope: welding, material handling, particularly when in contact with rough and hard surfaces, construction work, road construction work, other kinds of works.

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