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Polyethylene gloves in individual packing (200 pairs)

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Medplast review gloves latex powder-free "S"

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Synthetic yellow gloves with blue foamed latex coating 3/4 69053"b"

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Gloves the warmed synthetic orange with a blue foamed latex covering 69346 3/4 "b"

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MBS gloves with red coated elastic cuffs

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MBS gloves red long 35 cm 69254 (AOL 9254)

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Knitted gray gloves with PVC dot 78313

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Cotton gray work gloves with blue foamed latex coating

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Company "Glove center" is a importer, as well as the official representative of the largest glove manufacturers in Ukraine since 2011. We are the owners of the trademark "Seven".

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the Range of products we offer will satisfy even the most fastidious buyer: knitted with/without PVC, nitrile, latex, acid-alkali, medical, leather, allied, leggings, welder, canvas gloves, etc.

Starting cooperation with the company "Glove-center", be sure an individual approach to You by our staff. As our customer, You will be in the shortest possible time and at flexible prices to your desired product.

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High quality products

High quality products

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Affordable price

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Delivery all over Ukraine

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System of return of goods

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Those who are engaged in housework, have to deal not only with water but also with cleaning agents. When washing and washing dishes, it is advisable to use rubber gloves to protect skin and nails from harmful substances. Today there is a big difference between the means for cleaning the cooking plates and chemicals for professional cleaning in terms of aggressive chemical influences. That's why you need to protect your hands, and the treated surface should be washed with plenty of water. The hands definitely need to be protected, but we need to understand what exactly the gloves.
Selection criteria of protective gloves

Need to know the following details:
- the size of the hands, which gets the size of the gloves.
- substances, which have to work;
- type of gloves: in material, length, thickness.

The glove material depends on the characteristics of your skin and the substances with which you have to work. If you use household chemicals, latex gloves will be enough. However, you need to be sure that the latex you're allergic to them. Alternatively, there are gloves, which inside has a cotton lining. In addition to latex gloves, there are silicone. It's a surgical glove, they are comfortable, but usually short, so there is a risk of ingress of corrosive substances to the skin of the wrist. From this point of view it is better to use gloves with long gauntlets.

Thick gloves - tight. With them much less risk of penetration of harmful substances into the hands. But at this thickness at the fingertips is the sensitivity less. However, it is low and then, when gloves are not chosen by size and hanging on the arm. In a form-fitting gloves are easier to work, but they do not provide access of air to the skin, which can also cause discomfort.

Another option is the ribbed surface of the glove at the fingertips and the palm side. If it is the glove, they are much easier to hold objects.

Medical gloves are traditionally made from latex with a powder of corn starch on the inside for ease when putting them on. Corn starch was replaced by powder of your role and / or talc but since cornstarch can impede healing if it gets into tissues (as during surgery), often with surgery and other sensitive procedures are used gloves without powder. To manufacture gloves without starch powder using special production processes.

There are two main types of gloves: a viewing (or diagnostic) and surgical. Surgical gloves are made more accurate in size (numbering of sizes usually from 5.5 to 9) and are manufactured to the highest specification.

due to the increasing level of latex Allergy among health care workers, as well as in the General population, there is a tendency to move to gloves made of non-latex materials such as vinyl or rubber ntrinsic. However, these gloves have not yet replaced latex in surgical procedures, as gloves made of alternative materials because they do not give such full freedom and high sensitivity to touch, as latex surgical gloves. Superior gloves not latex (like Ntrls) also cost two times more expensive than their latex counterpart, which often prevents the transition to the use of these alternative materials in cost sensitive institutions, like many hospitals.

Medical gloves is one of the main means of ensuring infectious safety in health care setting. A wide variety of medical gloves on the Russian market at present, and aggressive marketing policy of some manufacturers not always allow staff health facilities adequately to understand the types of gloves and to really choose the right products to ensure the safe handling of patients.

All properties (characteristics) of medical gloves can be divided into 3 main groups: the principal - are present in any glove, extra - may have specialized gloves, questionable - various marketing gimmicks of manufacturers and suppliers are intended, in particular, to reduce possible competition.

In any production industry requires increased attention to safety. Often may be the probability of injury. In most cases, production work is done by hand, so you need to take care of their protection. To this end, the human was invented mittens and gloves.

How to choose the right gloves? The choice of these accessories for work is very huge. So it is very easy to get lost and make the right choice. Let's try to understand this diversity, and determine for what purposes and what gloves to buy and where to apply them.

For light work versatile tool are gloves of work cotton. They can be used to protect your hands from a variety of external stimuli, incisions, punctures, etc. have Used these gloves in various fields. They will keep your hands during gardening, in construction, during the renovation of the building. Warehouse workers, mechanics, turners, workers regularly wear gloves x / b. Often on the gloves with the aim of improving the protective function of the gloves they make PVC. Thanks to him, the tools are securely fixed in the hands and does not slip. Knit cotton gloves can be different, threads also use different. For some types of work are special gloves. If the production requires high-precision work, it is better used gloves made of nylon. It is durable and at the same time the thin material. These gloves go perfectly on the hand and give the ability to do precision work. Tactile sensation in them during operation, as if you are wearing gloves.

If the work involves contact with the oily, polluted, nonsmooth surfaces, then fit gloves with double coating latex. They sling latex, thus increasing their degree of Erasure. This is ideal for working garages and drivers.

For work on oil rigs are very suitable nitrile gloves. They are durable and practical. And hands protected from refined petroleum products.

In metallurgy indispensable work gloves. Material for their manufacture is calfskin. They are securely protect the hands from the splashing of hot melted metal. Chemical industries need shcheloche - and casatoscana gloves. They protect your hands from accidental contact with acid or alkali. Gloves are often used in construction, during welding. Mittens CB with different coating suitable for light work, and the canvas - for the more rough.

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